NutriBran™ (100% Pure Brown Rice Powder – Instant)


•500mg soy lecithin per day helps to reduce about 40% of cholesterol and LDL in one month.
•Contains 1000mg of soy lecithin per sachet.
•Feel full longer.
•Many who dislikes oat end up loving this, how wonderful!
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This golden-beige colour aromatic 100% brown rice instant powder is made with freshly de-hulled brown rice with thicker bran layer attached where more than 60% nutrients of the whole-grain are found. The brown rice went through high technology pasteurisation to retain more nutrients than home cooked brown rice. The fine mesh created easily digested, hypoallergenic, organoleptic and source of nutrients suitable for vegetarians. Friendly to those sensitive to milk, wheat, and soy. It is carefully produced with unbroken brown rice we source directly from paddy fields. It’s a seed with life, a nutritional rock star!


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