The Best Trusted
Brown Rice Powder Manufacturer

We aspired to be the world leading brown rice powder manufacturer that provide the high quality of healthy food for the world. Our factory is certified with Halal, HACCP, GMP, ISO 22000. Our series of products are also endorsed by Singapore Health Promotion Board.


Natural Food Product

We strive to retain the natural vitamins & mineral instead of fortified it with the synthetic ones.

Filling & Satisfying

The natural powder gives you one of the best filling sensation and satisfying your growling tummy for settle down.

Award-Winning Food Manufacturer

Multiple awards such as 2016 Halal High-Tech Gem, 2017 Alliance Bizsmart Ecoworld Champion, 2017 Best SME Malaysia, 2018 Deloitte 12th Best SME Award & etc add your confidence level for sure!

Abrand Food

Fine & Smooth Texture

While striving to achieve the yummiest taste, we also never forget to give you a silky smooth fine texture!

Cancer Fighting Nutrients

Check out Manganese, Vitamin E and Vitamin B6 and you will know what we mean here!

Products under Malaysia Brand

We are one of the 100+ Malaysia Brands to represent Malaysia for the world! And we are the ‘only’ brown rice products to be awarded this brand.

Ready To Drink

Just mix with hot water and ready to drink! Save up on cooking and time!

Giving You What Your Body Needs

Your body is seriously calling for all natural vitamins & minerals that are cancer-fighting!

Get Started To Be Healthy

Discover tremendous health benefits that shower you!